Easy banana strawberry smoothie

No doubt, smoothies are a great, easy and healthy way to get instant energy. And what more, you don’t need to add sugar as the banana and cinnamon would add the necessary sweetness. To start with, I used to make this smoothie whenever I had excess bananas at home. I improvised a bit and tried variations and soon it became my family’s favourite.
Try this easy recipe and feel your energy levels rise.
Ingredients (for a tall glass of smoothie):
Low-fat high calcium milk: 1 cup (for a vegan recipe, use almond milk)
Banana: 1, medium size, chopped
Strawberries: 4
Roasted almonds: 4
Cinnamon powder: 2 pinches
Vanilla essence: 3 drops/ Vanilla ice cream 1/2 scoop (optional)
Slivered almonds: for garnishing
Pour half cup of milk with the rest of the ingredients into the blender and blend well, then add the rest of the milk and “pulse”.Pour into a tall glass and sprinkle the slivered almonds. Enjoy!
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Replace 1/2 cup milk with low-fat yoghurt. Add a spoon of honey. 
Strawberries can be replaced with blueberries.

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