Gluten free recipes

Braised cauliflower with peas

Cauliflower, when paired with vegetables that have complementing flavors, and cooked right, turns out to be irresistible. This recipe includes just a dash of fennel seeds and cumin seeds as flavoring agents, giving the dish a uniquely delicate flavor. This is one of those recipes which prove that the simplest dishes are the tastiest ones.

3 Bean spicy quinoa

Quinoa is a complete protein (it is one of the very few foods that have all the amino acids) and gluten-free along with high levels of fiber, calcium, antioxidants, and a host of other nutrients. Quinoa helps in maintaining gut health, heart health, and aids healthy weight loss. Did you know that quinoa is actually not a grain but a seed related to the spinach family? No wonder it is so nutritious!

Frittata with brown rice and zucchini

Does the idea of folding and flipping make frittata seem like a difficult dish to cook? Welcome to the club! I was quite intimidated by the traditional stove-top method of cooking frittata until I realized there is a ridiculously easy method of baking a frittata in the oven. A meal in itself, this frittata with …

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Chicken Fried (Brown) rice

Fried rice…. an amazing, favourite version of the carb that Asians love. And your body too will love this healthier version. This chicken fried brown rice is a form of fusion with Indian spices and Chinese fried rice technique but the result is enjoyable by everyone alike, irrespective of their country or race. The beauty …

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Cream of cabbage soup (without the cream)

When eating healthy becomes a priority, we’ll always be looking for ways to replace unhealthy ingredients in traditional dishes with healthier ones. I love these healthy versions of “creamy” soups not only for their texture and taste but also for the fact that by doing away with the cream, it also gives an opportunity to …

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Beet orange salad with coconut

This beet orange salad recipe is my yet another tryst with the tropical flavor of coconut. If you liked my guava salad with coconut and palm sugar, you’ll like this beet orange salad too. The latest addition to the list of superfoods, coconut is something that’s absolutely delicious, healthy and flavorful in all its forms …

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