Low carb recipes

Simple low carb recipes

Coconut flavoured riced cauliflower

coconut flavored riced cauliflower in a white ceramic plate

The low-carb cauliflower ‘rice’ is an excellent option if you want to save yourself a few hundred calories and also get your recommended daily serving of vegetables in a delicious way. What better way to enjoy this riced cauliflower than with the appetizing aroma of coconut oil, some nuts, peas, and coconut. The curry powder …

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Guacamole with berries, pomegranate and parsley

The classic guacamole tastes great on its own with just onions, lemon juice, peppers and spices. However, it gets boring to eat the same thing over and over again. Also, the guacamole is so versatile that it tastes good, or even better when paired with quite a few fruits or vegetables. Adding some crunch and …

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Pan seared salmon with mango-avocado salsa

Anyone who loves salmon would vouch for this amazingly simple, yet flavourful combo of salmon with salsa. This time, I decided to ditch my usual favorite, olive oil – used butter instead, for better flavor. Salmon needs very little seasoning since it has an amazing flavor on its own, so if you ask me, salmon dishes …

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Gooseberry pickle with olive oil

Pickles are a great way to preserve food as well as the nutrients in it, but unfortunately, they contain added salt and oil which take away the health advantage. This gooseberry pickle with olive oil preserves the traditional taste, at the same time maintains the health aspect. The traditional pickle is prepared with sesame oil, …

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