I don't say "Thank you" to my mother

How do you say “thank you” to someone who you’ve taken for granted, right from the time you were born? I cannot bundle up my gratitude into a single word, or even Mother’s Day gifts, for that matter. I may do it for my own satisfaction. But it is not going to change a thing.
My mother is the same, full of unconditional love and compassion, always forgiving (those things which I shouldn’t have said or done) and always getting stressed over small issues like when I skip a meal or don’t pick up her call. The same mother, who years back, would agree to anything I used to demand, lest I start a hunger strike, knowing fully well that I was doing it to strike a chord deep within her. I used to succeed invariably.
Incidentally, I haven’t changed much too. In spite of being fully grown and a mother myself. I get upset with her, argue and fight with her on a lot of issues like dressing, cooking, parenting style, forgetting momentarily that it is from her that I even learnt what parenting is all about.
A retired school Principal in her seventies, she still teaches with the same passion and fervour. She is still a mentor for her ex-colleagues. She takes care of her garden, rejoicing at every blooming flower and ripening fruit. She still cooks and serves with a smile, in the midst of a hundred aches and pains. And, she is always there to wipe my tears and lift my spirits during difficult times.
She forgets her appointment with her doc but never forgets birthdays and anniversaries of everyone in the family. I wonder how she can remember so many dates – not only those of children and grandchildren but of the 4 siblings, their spouses and children. Without any Facebook notifications. She hasn’t even got them jotted down anywhere. (I’m embarrassed to admit that most of the time she reminds me to call people)
She never fails to amaze me.
How can I ever show my gratitude for showing me what life is all about, how to value and relish every living moment, for being a model wife, parent, sister, aunt, grandma etc. etc. How am I going to measure up to her? Or will I, ever?
In today’s quickened pace of life, time is becoming a very precious commodity. So shouldn’t I spend some of those precious moments with someone who has lived all her life for me. This Mother’s Day I promise myself that I would spend more time with my mother, which is all she wants.
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If you also love and adore your mom, I would like you to share one aspect (if you have more, you are most welcome) that is amazing about her. I just did!

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