A beautiful mind – the inside story


The mind is everything. What you think, you become – Buddha.

When was the last time you watched a life-changing, inspiring movie? It happened to me when I got the chance to watch the oscar-winning movie, “A beautiful mind”, after almost 15 years since its release.
For those of you who missed it like me, it is based on the life story of the mathematical genius Prof John Nash, who won The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. And his struggle with his mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia, when he literally lives with characters of his own imagination. It is both baffling and sad, how can a person be a genius and at the same time, someone running away from some imaginary spies? But the amazing part is that he decides to forgo his medication and still remain sane by controlling and training his mind.
When we look at it as just a movie, it is just a turning point in the screenplay. But to know that someone has actually done it, it is truly unbelievable to me. I was asking myself, if someone with such a serious mental illness can do it, why can’t I? The fact that he was a genius is no excuse. We are all blessed with a sound mind that is capable of thinking clearly. At least, we are not constantly faced with the dilemma of deciding who is imaginary or dangerous and who is not.
We have heard a lot about the power of positivity, the most important issue is how to go about it when negative thoughts attack like a storm. One of my favourite authors and a motivational speaker, Robin Sharma talks about it in his book,”The monk who sold his Ferrari”. I’m excited to summarise and share with you some techniques which I found to be useful and helped me become a better person, a more positive person to be precise.

True nobility lies in being superior to your former self – Robin Sharma.

Be aware
As soon as an uninspiring thought enters your mind, pause and keep telling yourself that you should chase it away as soon as possible. Consider your body as a temple/church and your mind as the sanctum/altar. Preserving the sanctity of the mind is actually our duty and not an option.
Once you are aware of the gloomy thought, replace it with a cheerful one. For instance, if you had a tiff with your colleague or friend, you will be tempted to treat him like your worst enemy. But instead, imagine yourself having a good lunch or on a holiday together or better still, think of the good times you shared in the past. This will help you forgive them too. The key is to imagine a happy situation you would like to be in.
Change your body language as if you just heard a good news, sit up straight, walk confidently, smile, be full of enthusiasm and train your mind on positive thoughts. This really works; it remarkably changes the way you feel. Within minutes. Don’t worry much if people around start staring at you. The way you think is more important than what others think.
Apply this to every negative thought until it becomes a habit. Once it becomes habitual, you will see that those thoughts no longer hold any power. Now I realise, this is probably what the great genius John Nash practised.
Try these techniques and please share your experience here, because I’m sure you will see remarkable progress.

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