Romance everyday


“If I had a flower everytime I thought of you, I could walk through my garden forever”- Alfred Tennyson.

Today I thought of deviating a bit and write about romance since it is the season of love and romance. I’m sure many of you would have decided what to buy or even bought Valentine’s day gift and can’t wait to give it and see your partner jump for joy. Or, are you too stressed out that you have to buy something so that you don’t incur her wrath? I’ve seen people buying flowers on valentine’s day without much enthusiasm, not even a smile, which made me wonder…
Once my husband came back from his evening walk with a bunch of flowers. He gave it to me saying he picked them from a nearby park on his way. I was teasing him saying it was the most inexpensive way of showing his love. In hindsight, I realized a few things: First, he was thinking of me while walking. Second, it was a thoughtful gesture to bring me those flowers which he was admiring. No planning, no compulsion, just a small but impulsive act of love!
It was quite a revelation. Whenever I think of that day, I feel my spirits rise. Isn’t that what romance is all about? Every woman would love to know that her husband’s thoughts are often about her on just a regular day. Small acts of love and affection showed every day mean much more than an expensive gift a few times (!!?) in a year. (Not that we wouldn’t love those gifts as well 😉😜)
Romance everyday
I learned something else, too. To appreciate a loving gesture, however small and inexpensive it may be. Because the intention is great.
To be frank, these days when my husband comes back from his walk empty-handed, I feel quite disappointed.
Would love to hear your thoughts on love and romance..

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