under-30-minute recipes

Tiger prawns baked in tomatoes and cheese

Tiger prawns baked in tomatoes and cheese

Tiger prawns baked with a home made tomato sauce and cheddar cheese in a casserole make an irresistible appetizer you can have for lunch or dinner. This appetizer is also great for entertaining since the sauce can be made ahead and frozen. Preparing the tiger prawns takes 10 minutes and baking the prawns with tomato sauce takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Which makes these tiger prawns baked in tomatoes and cheese a quick and easy party appetizer. Or even a potluck dish that looks amazing yet does not take much efffort as it seems to be.

Braised cauliflower with peas

Cauliflower, when paired with vegetables that have complementing flavors, and cooked right, turns out to be irresistible. This recipe includes just a dash of fennel seeds and cumin seeds as flavoring agents, giving the dish a uniquely delicate flavor. This is one of those recipes which prove that the simplest dishes are the tastiest ones.

Beet orange salad with coconut

This beet orange salad recipe is my yet another tryst with the tropical flavor of coconut. If you liked my guava salad with coconut and palm sugar, you’ll like this beet orange salad too. The latest addition to the list of superfoods, coconut is something that’s absolutely delicious, healthy and flavorful in all its forms …

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