I help busy people like you cook easy low calorie meals

Hello and welcome to Go healthy ever after, a food blog with easy, delicious, and healthy recipes.

About me

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I am Sheeba, mom to a son and a daughter, living in Singapore. I’m the recipe developer, author and photographer behind this blog.

I would love to say that I started cooking since I was a teenager, but I want to be honest with you. Yes, I used to be in the kitchen observing my mom, aunts and grandma cook and offering to help occasionally 🙂 But left alone in the kitchen to cook something on my own, I would be at a loss!

I started cooking after marriage, out of necessity. Frequent calls to my mom and the cookbooks gifted by hubby inspired and helped improve my cooking skills. I started learning amidst a few (actually, many!) disasters in the kitchen. I was gaining some confidence, but now I was facing a BIGGER issue. The problem that most moms have after childbirth: I gained a lot of weight from all the pampering I enjoyed when I was pregnant.

My weight loss journey

I was hoping that I would lose weight with all the child care and running around, but I was totally WRONG! Jogging, swimming, 40-minute sessions at the gym every day- nothing worked as I had hoped. I would look at those “fit and fab” moms with envy and wonder how they did it.

I started doing some serious research and realized that working out alone doesn’t help much. My food habits had to be changed. But I didn’t want to starve or follow a specific diet.

I started introducing changes, one at a time into my diet. First, cut down on sugar and carbs. Then, salt and saturated fats and so on. I was also finding ways to pack more nutrition into my recipes with vegetables and protein.

Simply put, my mantra was “bulk-up on the good stuff and go easy on the bad stuff“. It may sound obvious but it works. Believe it or not, I started losing weight in a few months. Yes, it was a slow process. But I felt it was the right way to lose weight since I did not gain it back.

That new-found confidence made me improvise and develop healthy nutrient-dense recipes with my own twist, trying to make them as delicious as possible. Friends and guests loved my food and started asking for recipes. That’s when I realized I’m a better cook than I thought I was.

Fast forward to today, after 2 decades of cooking, I want to share all that I learned about healthy cooking here, in my small corner of the internet world. There you go, years saved!

I hope my story will inspire you to cook healthy delicious food, whether you’re a beginner, seasoned cook or somewhere in between.

About the blog

Cooking seems like a daunting task sometimes. Cooking healthy from scratch with natural, wholesome ingredients sounds even more of a struggle, especially after a long and tiring day. But a busy lifestyle need not necessarily mean you’ve to compromise on your health. Or your family’s.

This is pretty much the reason for creating this blog. Healthy recipes are easier to cook than we think. You don’t require strange ingredients or long hours of cooking to keep your meals healthy and delicious. Sometimes all you need are little changes in your ingredients or cooking method.

I’m always looking for healthy additions or substitutes and ways to simplify recipes to suit a busy mom’s lifestyle.

What you’ll find on Go Healthy Ever After

Most of the recipes here can be cooked either with minimal ingredients or in less than an hour. There are detailed step-by-step instructions and tips that will help you cook yummy healthy meals, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook.

Every recipe on Go Healthy ever after has been tested and retested multiple times before featuring on the blog. If family and friends don’t approve, they don’t appear on the blog. And just to let you know, my family members are a bunch of hard-to-please food critics!

After visiting here, you should be doing just that: go healthy ever after. I would be happy if I can make a difference through this blog. Thank you for all the support. Happy reading and cooking!


All the content published on this blog including images and text is copyright protected and belongs to Sheeba Subramani. It cannot be reproduced without my written consent.

Reaching out

I appreciate every comment and rating from you guys. Your suggestions will help me create recipes that suit your needs. Though it may take you only a couple of minutes, it means the world to me!

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  1. I have just joined and am looking forward to trying your recipes which look so delicious Sheeba! Thanks for sharing these with all of us. From Narelle in Queensland, Australia.

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