I help busy people like you cook easy low calorie meals

Hello and welcome to Go healthy ever after, a food blog with easy, delicious, and healthy recipes.

About me

I am Sheeba, mom to a son and a daughter, living in Singapore. I’m the recipe developer, author and photographer behind this blog.

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Ever feel like healthy eating means sacrificing taste? Been there, devoured the bland salad. That’s why I created Go Healthy Ever After – your one-stop shop for deliciously healthy recipes that won’t leave you hangry.

Let me spill the (healthy) tea: I wasn’t always a kitchen whiz. In fact, my early culinary attempts involved a lot of observation (watching mom cook) and minimal participation (offering “help” mostly meant taste-testing!). But marriage (and a serious case of post-baby weight gain) changed the game.

Determined to ditch the diet fads and fuel my body with real, delicious food, I embarked on a journey of epic proportions. Think researching like a boss, swapping sugar for spice, and turning kitchen disasters into delicious discoveries.

It wasn’t always pretty, but slowly, the pounds started melting away (and my inner chef emerged!).

Inspired by my own transformation, I started whipping up these healthy, flavor-packed recipes for friends and family. Their rave reviews (okay, maybe some pleading for the recipes!) planted a seed. Go Healthy Ever After was born!

Fast forward to today: After two decades of cooking adventures, I’m here to share all my hard-won knowledge. Forget fancy ingredients or hours spent slaving over the stove. Here, you’ll find easy, healthy meals that are perfect for busy folks like you and me.

Here’s what you can expect at Go Healthy Ever After:

  • Recipes for Every Skill Level: Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone.
  • Quick & Easy Wins: Most dishes can be whipped up in under an hour with minimal ingredients. Perfect for busy weeknights!
  • Flavor Explosions Guaranteed: Because healthy shouldn’t mean bland!
  • Family-Approved Goodness: Every recipe is rigorously taste-tested by my picky-eater crew (trust me, they’re tough critics!).
  • Simple Tips & Tricks: Learn how to sneak in extra nutrients and simplify cooking for a stress-free experience.

My mission?

To help you ditch the bland and embrace the flavorful world of healthy eating. So, grab your apron, let’s get cooking, and go healthy ever after (together, of course!).


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Reaching out

I appreciate every comment and rating from you guys. Your suggestions will help me create recipes that suit your needs. Though it may take you only a couple of minutes, it means the world to me!

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  1. I have just joined and am looking forward to trying your recipes which look so delicious Sheeba! Thanks for sharing these with all of us. From Narelle in Queensland, Australia.

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