closeup view of 4 ingredient turmeric tea in a cup

4 ingredient turmeric tea recipe

A simple turmeric tea recipe that takes 4 ingredients & 10 minutes! Don’t wait for cough and cold, have this fresh delicious turmeric tea everyday and boost your immune system.
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Quinoa recipes

quinoa patties with coconut walnut sauce

Crispy quinoa patties

These quinoa patties are a yummy and healthy snack that makes your mouth water at the mere sight of it. Serve these patties on wholemeal…
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Healthy eating – your relationship with food

Healthy eating starts with your relationship with food. Are you eating right?  What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of food?

weight loss diet plan

What is the best weight loss diet?

What do you eat for a sustainable and healthy weight loss? Find out what is common among these weight loss diet plans.

meal-prep tips for weightloss

Weight loss meal prep ideas

Here are some tips for healthy meal prep because it is the most important step that will lead you to success in weight loss.

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5 easy routes to a healthy diet

Following a healthy diet is easy, provided you follow a step-by-step approach. Let’s see how to do it your own way with a few tips and tweaks.

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top view of chicken deviled eggs in white ceramic plate

Chicken deviled eggs

Creamy, delicious chicken deviled eggs! An easy appetizer and a crowd-pleaser for any party, these chicken deviled eggs can also make a weekend family breakfast special!

close-up view of 5-ingredient garlic prawns with bell peppers in a silver bowl

5 ingredient garlic prawns

Juicy garlic prawns with peppers that use just 5 ingredients and take 25 minutes to cook, including the time to marinate. Serve these quick and easy garlic prawns as an appetizer or side dish and transform your dinner into a hearty meal tonight.

lentil soup in a white ceramic bowl

Lentil turmeric soup

Creamy and healthy lentil soup with antioxidant turmeric and a lot of nutritious vegetables like spinach, carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and aromatic spices makes a delicious treat.

chicken meatballs in curry in a ceramic bowl and a bowl of red rice

Chicken meatballs in curry

Chicken meatballs oven-baked to juicy perfection and served in a luscious curry sauce. These meatballs may become your favorite go-to lunch recipe on weekends. 

Yummy salads

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