Vegetarian recipes

Looking for easy vegetarian recipes for dinner?  Make these healthy vegetarian recipes like the Italian potato croquettes with cheese or roasted tandoori cauliflower bites.

Crispy quinoa patties

quinoa patties with coconut walnut sauce

These quinoa patties are a yummy and healthy snack that makes your mouth water at the mere sight of it. Serve these patties on wholemeal buns with lettuce and tomatoes with a drizzling of coconut walnut sauce to make yummy, healthy quinoa burgers.

Lemon-garlic quinoa with kidney beans

lemon garlic quinoa with kidney beans

Fluffy quinoa with zesty lemon, cherry tomatoes and earthy kidney beans and spinach makes this dish absolutely yummy. It can be part of a protein-packed quinoa bowl with a salad or roasted vegetables and can be served as a main dish for vegetarians. This recipe proves that the lemon and garlic pair tastes delicious not only for chicken and salmon, but quinoa as well.