dairy-free recipes

Cream of cabbage soup (without the cream)

When eating healthy becomes a priority, we’ll always be looking for ways to replace unhealthy ingredients in traditional dishes with healthier ones. I love these healthy versions of “creamy” soups not only for their texture and taste but also for the fact that by doing away with the cream, it also gives an opportunity to …

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Beet orange salad with coconut

This beet orange salad recipe is my yet another tryst with the tropical flavor of coconut. If you liked my guava salad with coconut and palm sugar, you’ll like this beet orange salad too. The latest addition to the list of superfoods, coconut is something that’s absolutely delicious, healthy and flavorful in all its forms …

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Coconut flavoured riced cauliflower

The low-carb cauliflower ‘rice’ is an excellent option if you want to save yourself a few hundred calories and also get your recommended daily serving of vegetables in a delicious way. What better way to enjoy this riced cauliflower than with the appetizing aroma of coconut oil, some nuts, peas, and coconut. The curry powder …

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Guacamole with berries, pomegranate and parsley

The classic guacamole tastes great on its own with just onions, lemon juice, peppers and spices. However, it gets boring to eat the same thing over and over again. Also, the guacamole is so versatile that it tastes good, or even better when paired with quite a few fruits or vegetables. Adding some crunch and …

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5-ingredient garlic prawns with bell peppers

5-ingredient garlic prawns with bell peppers in a silver bowl

Juicy garlicky prawns with peppers is a quick & delicious way to enjoy prawns, the small pockets of flavor and nutrition. Cook these garlic prawns with peppers as an appetizer or side dish and transform your dinner into a hearty meal tonight. This recipe is so ridiculously easy, yet adds a festive and elegant aura …

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4-ingredient Avocado mango smoothie

This avocado mango smoothie is a very simple and tasty smoothie and also dairy free and vegan. I came up with this recipe out of sheer necessity. Avocado is the least favourite fruit of my family ( count me out!) but knowing its health benefits, I can’t resist buying it and eventually making something that …

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